Episode 434: John and Steve discuss the Federal Reserve’s ongoing strategy for fighting inflation and how that will likely affect both you and the markets.  They also look at historical stock market data and explain what that says about how we should react to today's markets.


Episode 417: Steve and John review market reactions to Federal Reserve interventions over the past three decades and give recommendations for your investments in 2022. They also warn you of the dangers of designating your estate as a beneficiary!

Episode 373: Will you be donating more to Uncle Sam in the near future? The Money Doctors examine some of the current administration's plans.  You'll also hear the history of previous stock market crashes and advice about how to set yourself up for success in the future.

Episode 372: The Money Doctors coach you on how to manage your adjusted gross income to avoid paying unexpected Social Security taxes and Medicare premiums. They also discuss one Morningstar analyst's reaction to the wild COVID roller coaster ride of the past year. Spoiler alert: He was totally blindsided!

Episode 359: Steve and John hit the highlights of the recent $908 billion stimulus proposal. You'll also hear twelve ways to lower your stress during the holiday season.

November 13, 2020

Biden Taxes & SIMPLE IRAs

Episode 355: Steve and John summarize Joe Biden's tax proposal and discuss the implications.  They also discuss the basics of a SIMPLE IRA and whether it's a good investment option for your situation.

Episode 345: John and Steve highlight five skills you may want to acquire in order to thrive in the new COVID landscape. They also take a look at historical data to see how elections have impacted the stock market over time.

Episode 341: The Money Doctors take a look at data from over 200 years to see how elections have historically impacted the stock market.  They also give you some insights into the growing problem of "intimidation" scams from phony government officials.

Episode 327: Steve and John give an update on the economy and where it may be heading in the future. You'll also learn how to avoid the costly trap of recency bias!

Episode 325: Steve and John address the issues involved in restarting the economy and discuss what that may look like.  They also take a look at how the coronavirus may change the trajectory of your plans for retirement.

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