Episode 294: Can you tell the difference between needs and wants? Listen to find out what the Money Doctors have to say! You'll also hear some shocking statistics about the average American's ignorance when it comes to managing money.

September 6, 2019

IRA Traps & Investing Mistakes

Episode 293: Steve and John talk you through what needs to be done to make the most out of an inherited IRA. Just remember that some things can't be undone!  They also warn you about three big investing mistakes and give you some profitable alternatives.

August 30, 2019

Trade Wars & Big Losers

Episode 292: John and Steve discuss Jim Schultz's insightful commentary on Trump's trade war with China. You'll also hear six examples of billion-dollar companies that have been reduced to penny stocks.

Episode 291: Learn how to put financial safeguards in place for your elderly loved ones as well as recognize signs of exploitation. Steve and John also warn you about eight retirement planning mistakes and how to fix them before it's too late!

Episode 290: Steve and John discuss some strategies designed to make sure you don't outlive your money. You'll also hear advice from Warren Buffet about how to appreciate your life and live it well.

Episode 289: The Money Doctors discuss why stock market analysts frequently strike out when trying to predict the future. Hear Steve reflect on the financial wisdom passed down to him from his father.

Episode 288: Hear the benefits and shortcomings of the all-inclusive Continuing Care Retirement Community. The Money Doctors also debunk six dangerous retirement myths.

Episode 287: Dreaming of handing in your notice while you can still climb the Eiffel Tower? The Money Doctors tell you how to make it happen! You'll also hear three good reasons why you may want to claim your Social Security Benefits early.

Episode 286: Tempted by market timing? Steve and John immunize you against this costly practice and recommend some more effective, albeit less exciting, investing tools. You'll also learn about five major money stressors in marriage and how to work through them productively, no shouting required.

Episode 285: John and Steve encourage women to take part in their family's financial planning by telling a few cautionary tales of those who didn't. You'll also learn some tough life lessons from five of America's wealthiest families who let their fortunes slip through their fingers.

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