Episode 185: On this week's episode, the Money Doctors will tell you about some budgeting mistakes that can sabotage your savings. On the flip side, John and Steve have some great tips for talking to your kids about your finances. 


Episode 170: We all have what we consider to be excellent excuses for our underwhelming savings. This week the Money Doctors will take a look at the psychology behind those excuses, and then suggest solutions to help you make some rewarding changes. Also, John and Steve take a look at the track records of both active and passive investing strategies. 


Episode 168: This week the Money Doctors will remind you why it's not a good idea to believe everything you hear in the media, especially when it concerns your investments! Also on this week's podcast, Steve and John will discuss research on retiree spending patterns that may help you to better plan for your golden years. 


Episode 165: Record keeping not your forte? This week John and Steve will tell you how to take charge of your financial chaos. Also in this week's podcast, a little warning to the Millennials: Don't fall into these bad habits as you are starting out or they may follow you all the way to the poorhouse!


Episode 163: Think through your retirement dreams and learn how to make them come true.

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