Episode 290: Steve and John discuss some strategies designed to make sure you don't outlive your money. You'll also hear advice from Warren Buffet about how to appreciate your life and live it well.

Episode 289: The Money Doctors discuss why stock market analysts frequently strike out when trying to predict the future. Hear Steve reflect on the financial wisdom passed down to him from his father.

Episode 269: The Money Doctors point out five areas where you may discover some gaping holes in your budget. You'll also hear how to make your golden years both prosperous and happy!

Episode 262: Hear about five types of investment accounts that can save you a bundle on taxes and help you reach your retirement goals. John and Steve also give you some creative ideas that can actually make saving fun!

Episode 258: On this episode you'll learn how to create and automate a plan that will help you reach your New Year's financial goals.  You'll also find out what you can do to counteract the effects of a tumultuous stock market.

Episode 246: Learn why rebalancing is so vital to a healthy portfolio. Then hear about six budgeting strategies that can help you get control of your spending.

Episode 241: Learn what you can do to make sure your medical bills don't catch you by surprise! Also, find out your options if your retirement fund just isn't going to be enough.

Episode 236: Ask yourselves these 10 questions each month to put your family on the path to financial security! Also, Steve and John weigh in on the current U.S. corporate earnings and economic surge.  Will it continue?

Episode 212: This week on MoneyMD, compare your spending habits with the rest of America and learn how to make smarter decisions going forward. Also, if you're thinking about taking out a 401(k) loan, John and Steve have some very timely advice for you. 

Episode 210: On this week's podcast, the Money Doctors take a look at some good and bad reasons for early retirement.  Steve and John also lay out a retirement savings plan that will help you to reach your retirement goals.

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