Episode 334: Steve and John give an update on the state of the economy and where it seems to be heading.  They also discuss an alternative to the traditional allowance.

Episode 330: Hear some early indications that the economy is looking up. John and Steve also take a look at first quarter market earnings and give their thoughts on the future.

Episode 329: Learn why the stock market is moving higher even though millions are out of work.  John and Steve also talk through ways of dealing with the frustration that comes with canceled plans and celebrations.

Episode 328: Steve and John take a look at the coronavirus economy, and discuss how it may look in the short-term and in the more distant future. They'll also discuss the risks and rewards of taking advantage of some of the crazy COVID travel bargains we are beginning to see on the market.

Episode 327: Steve and John give an update on the economy and where it may be heading in the future. You'll also learn how to avoid the costly trap of recency bias!

Episode 326: Steve and John discuss some of the highlights from the past week and consider where the economy may be headed in the future.  They also recommend seven actions to consider as the stock market continues its gyrations.

Episode 325: Steve and John address the issues involved in restarting the economy and discuss what that may look like.  They also take a look at how the coronavirus may change the trajectory of your plans for retirement.

Episode 324: Steve and John discuss the current markets and the possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the stock market in the future.  You'll also hear practical steps you can take if you find yourself out of work or bringing home a smaller paycheck.

Episode 323: Steve and John hit the highlights of the CARES Act and explain the available benefits.  You'll also hear about the current markets and whether it's a good time to invest in stocks.

Episode 322: Steve and John give an update on the COVID-19 crisis and their thoughts about its possible impact on the markets and the economy. You'll also learn details of the two trillion-dollar stimulus package recently agreed upon by the White House and Senate leaders.

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