Episode 277: If your goal is to retire early you don't want to miss this episode ― Steve and John warn you about five costly mistakes that can sabotage your dreams! You'll also hear what financial experts Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Kevin O'Leary, and Greg McBride do when the markets take a dive.

Episode 249: Concerned about the recent market correction? Get the facts from Steve and John. You'll also learn some additional tax-favored investment options you can take advantage of after maxing out your IRA's and 401(k)s for the year.

Episode 248: John and Steve discuss various types of inheritances and how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes on them. They also weigh in on the recent ups and downs of the markets.

Episode 245: Steve and John discuss the pros and cons of adding the hugely popular FAANG stocks to your portfolio. They also warn you of seven emotional triggers that can lure you away from your budget.

Episode 236: Ask yourselves these 10 questions each month to put your family on the path to financial security! Also, Steve and John weigh in on the current U.S. corporate earnings and economic surge.  Will it continue?

Episode 225: John and Steve take a look at the unusually high cost of a college education in South Carolina and some proposals aimed at making it more affordable.  Also, learn what the data says about your chances of beating the stock market over time. Spoiler Alert: It's not good.

Episode 221: Steve and John take a look at how some of the latest financial news is impacting the stock market.  You will also learn how to get good returns without having to rely on Pepto-Bismol!

Episode 219: Steve and John will discuss twelve facts you need to know about Medicare as you plan for your future.  They'll also take a look into the recent underwhelming performance of the stock market and some temporary circumstances that may explain it.

Episode 218: Worried about an IRS audit? Have no fear — John and Steve will give you some practical pointers! They'll also weigh in on how the stock market is likely to react to President Trump's tough trade negotiations with China.

February 23, 2018

Car Repairs & The U.S. Dollar

Episode 213: Learn some smart tips for keeping your car repair bills from skyrocketing this week on MoneyMD! Also, learn why the dollar is weakening against other currencies and how that may affect you. 

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