Episode 270: John and Steve discuss Chris Hogan’s recent article about how to become a millionaire – even if your paycheck isn’t huge.  You’ll also learn the truth about some popular Health Savings Account myths and how to make the most of these amazing money-saving machines!

February 22, 2019

Pot or Not & Goal Crushers

Episode 265: Should you consider investing in marijuana? The Money Doctors take a look at this controversial investment opportunity.  They also warn you about nine bad habits that can keep you from reaching your financial potential.

Episode 264: Steve and John give you some timely tips that can help you avoid giving too much of your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam this year.  They also give some encouraging statistics about millionaires in America.  You could be next!

Episode 258: On this episode you'll learn how to create and automate a plan that will help you reach your New Year's financial goals.  You'll also find out what you can do to counteract the effects of a tumultuous stock market.

December 28, 2018

2018 Checklist & 2019 Goals

Episode 257: The countdown to 2019 is running down ― have you implemented these end-of-the-year strategies in your portfolio? You'll also hear seven things you can do right now to prepare yourself for setting, and actually carrying out, your New Year's resolutions.

November 30, 2018

Time to Retire? Watch Out!

Episode 253: The Money Doctors warn you about ten threats to a prosperous retirement. They also go over seven issues you need to consider before giving up your paycheck.

Episode 246: Learn why rebalancing is so vital to a healthy portfolio. Then hear about six budgeting strategies that can help you get control of your spending.

Episode 244: Steve and John weigh in on the new millennial FIRE movement – a lifestyle driven by the goal of "Financial Independence and Retiring Early." You'll also learn whether a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account makes sense for your situation.

Episode 239: Steve and John discuss Chris Hogan's new book, Everyday Millionaires. Also, hear what the president of USC, Harry Pastides, has to say about lowering your college costs.

Episode 236: Ask yourselves these 10 questions each month to put your family on the path to financial security! Also, Steve and John weigh in on the current U.S. corporate earnings and economic surge.  Will it continue?

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