August 30, 2019

Trade Wars & Big Losers

Episode 292: John and Steve discuss Jim Schultz's insightful commentary on Trump's trade war with China. You'll also hear six examples of billion-dollar companies that have been reduced to penny stocks.

Episode 250: Learn four simple steps that can set you on the path to a fat 401(k)! John and Steve also address some common misconceptions about Social Security and give tips for maximizing your benefits.

Episode 218: Worried about an IRS audit? Have no fear — John and Steve will give you some practical pointers! They'll also weigh in on how the stock market is likely to react to President Trump's tough trade negotiations with China.

February 23, 2018

Car Repairs & The U.S. Dollar

Episode 213: Learn some smart tips for keeping your car repair bills from skyrocketing this week on MoneyMD! Also, learn why the dollar is weakening against other currencies and how that may affect you. 

Episode 209: On this week's episode, you'll hear about five winter getaways where you can bask in the sun without breaking the bank.  John and Steve will also discuss the recent government shutdown and what it may mean for the markets in the future.

Episode 208: This week on MoneyMD, learn what tends to happen as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates - both the good and the bad. Also on this week's episode, John and Steve discuss the benefits of stretching out your working years, some of which may surprise you!

December 22, 2017

The Tax Bill & Money Tips

Episode 204: Steve and John will also hit some of the highlights of the tax bill and how it is likely to impact you. Also, learn how to manage your money better than your parents' generation, this week on MoneyMD. 

Episode 198: This week on MoneyMD, Steve and John will help you think through eight questions that should set you on the path to a winning investment strategy. Also, learn about the newly released Republican tax legislation and how it may affect you and yours. 

Episode 196: The Money Doctors take a look into the root causes of extreme loss aversion, how it can sabotage your retirement, and how to combat it. Also in this week's episode, Steve and John will take a look through history to see how the economy under President Trump stacks up. 

Episode 179: Listen in as the Money Doctors discuss the sustainability of Social Security. Also, Steve and John look at ten steps to planning a great retirement. 

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