Episode 307: Steve and John discuss annuities.  Does anyone really understand these complicated investment vehicles?? You'll also learn about the various types of bankruptcies and what you can do to avoid them!

Episode 300: The Money Doctors give you a refresher on Medicare and then warn you of four changes in 2020. They also look into an alternative method of funding your long-term care.

October 4, 2019

Health Plans & Money Myths

Episode 297: Steve and John go over some of the changes for next year's health insurance policies just in time for you to review your medical coverage before open enrollment. They also point out ten commonly held beliefs that keep the perpetually broke, broke.

Episode 283: Steve and John take a look at the practice of market timing and the statistics that warn against it.  They also look into Health Savings Accounts and how you can use one to save a bundle over the years!

Episode 279: Steve and John guide you through some of the more confusing Medicare rules that can cost you a pretty penny if you're not on your guard! You'll also hear a multitude of ways you may be throwing away your hard-earned dollars!

Episode 270: John and Steve discuss Chris Hogan’s recent article about how to become a millionaire – even if your paycheck isn’t huge.  You’ll also learn the truth about some popular Health Savings Account myths and how to make the most of these amazing money-saving machines!

Episode 251: Learn how to have an amazing Christmas without ending up with a monumental bill! John and Steve also take a look at today's choppy markets and give some very sound advice to the wise investor.

Episode 244: Steve and John weigh in on the new millennial FIRE movement – a lifestyle driven by the goal of "Financial Independence and Retiring Early." You'll also learn whether a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account makes sense for your situation.

Episode 241: Learn what you can do to make sure your medical bills don't catch you by surprise! Also, find out your options if your retirement fund just isn't going to be enough.

Episode 231: Steve and John describe some alternative types of medical insurance coverage that you won't find on the Affordable Care Act government exchanges.  They also look into the growing retirement crisis of lost pensions and 401(k)s.

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