Episode 289: The Money Doctors discuss why stock market analysts frequently strike out when trying to predict the future. Hear Steve reflect on the financial wisdom passed down to him from his father.

Episode 278: If you want to sell your house fast, make sure you consider these nine home improvements. John and Steve also highlight five simple guidelines for your graduate that can pave the road to a financially secure life.

December 14, 2018

Messy Finances & Savvy Kids

Episode 255: Are you ready to stop stressing about your messy finances? Steve and John give you the tools you need to clean up the clutter! You'll also hear some fun ideas for teaching your kids about money that will prepare them for a solid financial future.

Episode 243: Learn how to set financial systems in motion and then sit back and watch your portfolio grow! You'll also hear five tips that can set your high school graduate on the path to success, both in college and in life.

Episode 230: Steve and John help you avoid some of the gotchas of the new federal tax law as you save for your child's education.  They also give you some tips for buying in bulk the smart way!

Episode 225: John and Steve take a look at the unusually high cost of a college education in South Carolina and some proposals aimed at making it more affordable.  Also, learn what the data says about your chances of beating the stock market over time. Spoiler Alert: It's not good.

Episode 215: On this week's podcast, hear some tried-and-true strategies for making sure your retirement money doesn't run out before you do.  Also, find out whether you've been teaching your kids the truth about money or some very popular myths.

Episode 211: This week on MoneyMD, Steve and John discuss the recent selloff in the stock market and how you can prepare yourself for the next downturn.  They also take a look at several academic studies on how parenting affects retirement savings.

Episode 185: On this week's episode, the Money Doctors will tell you about some budgeting mistakes that can sabotage your savings. On the flip side, John and Steve have some great tips for talking to your kids about your finances. 

Episode 182: On this week's episode, learn what you can do now to ensure that your wealth won't be squandered by your heirs. Also, the Money Doctors will be giving out some crucial tips for saving money while traveling abroad.

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