Episode 280: John and Steve discuss today's volatile markets and what, if anything, you should do about it. They also have some fun vacation ideas that won't clean out your bank account.

Episode 279: Steve and John guide you through some of the more confusing Medicare rules that can cost you a pretty penny if you're not on your guard! You'll also hear a multitude of ways you may be throwing away your hard-earned dollars!

Episode 275: Steve and John help you to determine whether a Roth IRA or a pretax 401(k) is better for your particular situation. They also take a look at the $32 billion dietary supplement industry.

Episode 262: Hear about five types of investment accounts that can save you a bundle on taxes and help you reach your retirement goals. John and Steve also give you some creative ideas that can actually make saving fun!

Episode 260: Ready to plan that next vacation? Check out five money-saving travel tips from the Money Doctors! John and Steve will also point out five common missteps you'll want to avoid if you are planning on an early retirement.

Episode 259: Find out what the best credit cards are offering in 2019. You'll also hear about five mistakes that can sabotage your investments.

Episode 254: You've only got a few more weeks to implement these tax-savings ideas from the Money Doctors! They also have some great ideas for keeping your stress levels down during the holidays.

Episode 252: The planning shouldn't stop once you hit retirement! Steve and John go over the next steps. They also give you some great ways to motivate yourself if you're struggling with making and sticking to a financial plan.

Episode 251: Learn how to have an amazing Christmas without ending up with a monumental bill! John and Steve also take a look at today's choppy markets and give some very sound advice to the wise investor.

Episode 247: Hear ten common financial hazards that are almost sure to delay your road to retirement. You'll also learn how to make the most of your neighborhood dollar store!

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