Episode 181: Should you pay off your mortgage? This week the Money Doctors will explore the best path forward for home buyers planning for retirement. They will also discuss some destructive attitudes that may be sabotaging your financial goals. 


Episode 178: On this week's episode, find out how you stack up against the rest of America's workforce when it comes to retirement issues. Also, if you're toying with the idea of owning a second home, be sure and listen to the Money Doctors' advice before you sign on the dotted line!

February 10, 2017


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November 4, 2016


  • Fourth Quarter Portfolio Blunders...
  • Is a Property Manager for Your Rentals Worth the Cost?...

May 31, 2016


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  • Home Sales and the Economy...
  • Parenthood: Financial Survival Tips for Year #1...

March 1, 2016


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August 15, 2015


  • Your Top 10 Excuses for Making Bad Investment Decisions...
  • The Debt Snowball - FAQs...
  • Is It a Good Time to Sell Your Home?...
October 6, 2014


  • Vacation Home as an Investment: Smart or Dumb?
  • When a Windfall Comes Your Way
  • U.S. Home Construction Jumps 15.7 Percent in July
July 21, 2014



Harmony in finances is an important key to a happy marriage. Tune in to MoneyMD this week to learn how to avoid several pitfalls that can drive a wedge between you and your spouse. Then, well-meaning friends and family will offer abundant opinions on your decision about whether to buy or rent a home. Join the Money Doctors as they help you decipher fact from fiction when weighing your residential options. And finally, listen to Steve and John as they discuss the potential dangers that impatience poses to your long-term retirement goals. 

July 21, 2014



Most people think that estate planning is only a concern for the wealthy, but a little planning can save your loved ones a lot of grief and expense when settling your affairs.  Listen to Steve and John to learn about five issues you should address in your own estate plan. Then, risk is unavoidable when investing in securities, so how do you cope with the anxiety? The Money Doctors will discuss four varieties of investing risk and steps that you can take to manage them. And finally, according to Bloomberg, the number of premature withdrawals from retirement accounts in the past few years hit record highs as Americans tapped into their savings during hard times. Find out why treating your retirement account as a piggy bank can have serious consequences, both today and in your future. 

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