Episode 332: It's never too late to start saving for retirement! The Money Doctors will tell you how to get back on track.  You'll also hear what researchers have discovered about the correlation between money and happiness.

Episode 320: From preschool to graduation, hear 15 lessons that will prepare your kids to live a life of abundance. You'll also learn whether a backdoor Roth is a good option for you.

February 28, 2020

The Coronavirus & Your Savings

Episode 218: Steve and John take a few minutes to give you an update on the coronavirus.  They also explain how to estimate how much money you will need to enjoy your retirement, and warn you about seven expensive assumptions that can sabotage your savings goals!

February 21, 2020

Wills & Side Hustles

Episode 317: While updating a will is easy to put off, the consequences can be devastating. Steve and John tell you why. They also give you some great ideas for earning some extra cash this year.

Episode 315: While experts usually recommend waiting until full retirement age to start drawing Social Security, the Money Doctors give some exceptions to the rule.  John and Steve also discuss five money traps that the wealthy know to steer clear of.  Do you?

Episode 313: Hear some more myths from the Money Doctors ― this time the takeaways have the potential to make you millions! You'll also learn the basics of cryptocurrency.

Episode 312: The Money Doctors have a few fun vacation ideas for you that won't break the bank! They also break down the wealth-building process into seven simple steps. You can do it!

Episode 311: The Money Doctors encourage you to think big and accomplish big things in the next decade! You'll also learn how to invest as a couple while keeping your marriage strong!

Episode 306: The Money Doctors are chock full of wisdom for those planning for retirement ― the earlier you get started, the better! John and Steve also take a look at wealth-building from a different angle.  Are you even a little curious about how a beater can start your wealth trend?

Episode 299: Do you waste money? Learn how you stack up to the rest of America when it comes to your spending habits!  The Money Doctors also help you think through some important questions as retirement approaches.

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