Episode 201: On our latest episode, hear about three major areas where a financial advisor can positively impact your bottom line. Also, learn what types of people choose to invest in a Roth IRA and why that makes them so smart!


Episode 198: This week on MoneyMD, Steve and John will help you think through eight questions that should set you on the path to a winning investment strategy. Also, learn about the newly released Republican tax legislation and how it may affect you and yours. 


Episode 193: This week on MoneyMD the Money Doctors will give you their take on the famous Index Card rules of personal finance. John and Steve will also take a look at the recently released GOP tax reform framework.


Episode 182: On this week's episode, learn what you can do now to ensure that your wealth won't be squandered by your heirs. Also, the Money Doctors will be giving out some crucial tips for saving money while traveling abroad.


Episode 175: Want better service? This week on MoneyMD, learn what NOT to say when you're speaking with a customer service rep. Also, hear some valuable giving strategies that will enable you to be more generous while paying less taxes. 


Episode 173: This week on MoneyMD, John and Steve will brief you on how to combat some very destructive spending patterns. Also, learn how to minimize some of the unexpected taxes you may incur in retirement. 

November 4, 2016


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September 16, 2016


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March 15, 2016


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January 26, 2016


  • Powerball Math and Retirement...
  • 5 Things to Do in a Market Correction...
  • Taxes on Social Security Benefits...

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