Episode 284: Learn how to avoid 15 red flags that can draw unwanted attention from the IRS. John and Steve also tell the stories of six lottery winners who weren't quite as lucky as they seemed!

Episode 272: Don't give the IRS a reason to audit you ― make sure to consider these potential red flags as you plan for next year's taxes! John and Steve also recommend some items for your to-do list that can give you more confidence in your retirement plans.

Episode 264: Steve and John give you some timely tips that can help you avoid giving too much of your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam this year.  They also give some encouraging statistics about millionaires in America.  You could be next!

Episode 262: Hear about five types of investment accounts that can save you a bundle on taxes and help you reach your retirement goals. John and Steve also give you some creative ideas that can actually make saving fun!

December 28, 2018

2018 Checklist & 2019 Goals

Episode 257: The countdown to 2019 is running down ― have you implemented these end-of-the-year strategies in your portfolio? You'll also hear seven things you can do right now to prepare yourself for setting, and actually carrying out, your New Year's resolutions.

Episode 254: You've only got a few more weeks to implement these tax-savings ideas from the Money Doctors! They also have some great ideas for keeping your stress levels down during the holidays.

Episode 249: Concerned about the recent market correction? Get the facts from Steve and John. You'll also learn some additional tax-favored investment options you can take advantage of after maxing out your IRA's and 401(k)s for the year.

Episode 218: Worried about an IRS audit? Have no fear — John and Steve will give you some practical pointers! They'll also weigh in on how the stock market is likely to react to President Trump's tough trade negotiations with China.

Episode 201: On our latest episode, hear about three major areas where a financial advisor can positively impact your bottom line. Also, learn what types of people choose to invest in a Roth IRA and why that makes them so smart!

Episode 198: This week on MoneyMD, Steve and John will help you think through eight questions that should set you on the path to a winning investment strategy. Also, learn about the newly released Republican tax legislation and how it may affect you and yours. 

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