August 30, 2019

Trade Wars & Big Losers

Episode 292: John and Steve discuss Jim Schultz's insightful commentary on Trump's trade war with China. You'll also hear six examples of billion-dollar companies that have been reduced to penny stocks.

Episode 267: John and Steve reminisce over the last decade of the stock market, beginning with the market bottoming out back in March of 2009. You'll also find out how your net worth compares to the average American, and what you can do to increase it.

Episode 259: Find out what the best credit cards are offering in 2019. You'll also hear about five mistakes that can sabotage your investments.

Episode 248: John and Steve discuss various types of inheritances and how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes on them. They also weigh in on the recent ups and downs of the markets.

Episode 240: On this episode, hear seven common misconceptions about retirement. John and Steve also take a look at the global markets and discuss areas of strength and potential problems.

Episode 238: Hear 10 tips that can help you take a chunk out of your home expenses. John and Steve will also look back at the markets of the last decade.

Episode 232: Don't leave hundreds of thousands on the table! Learn how to get the most out of your 401(k)! Also, hear the pros and cons of investing internationally.

Episode 224: Steve and John give a refresher on Dave Ramsey's insanely successful method of getting totally out of debt.  They also take a walk through history to see how accurately the financial experts have predicted stock market downturns over the years.

Episode 219: Steve and John will discuss twelve facts you need to know about Medicare as you plan for your future.  They'll also take a look into the recent underwhelming performance of the stock market and some temporary circumstances that may explain it.

Episode 218: Worried about an IRS audit? Have no fear — John and Steve will give you some practical pointers! They'll also weigh in on how the stock market is likely to react to President Trump's tough trade negotiations with China.

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