Episode 336: Learn how to boost your credit score with six simple habits. You'll also hear some ways to save money as you care for your four-legged friends.

Episode 335: Steve and John look at a couple of real investors and their experiences with market timing during the COVID crisis.  You'll also hear about a new generation of online day traders and how they are impacting the markets.

Episode 334: Steve and John give an update on the state of the economy and where it seems to be heading.  They also discuss an alternative to the traditional allowance.

Episode 333: Steve and John talk you through some techniques that can minimize taxes in retirement. They'll also help you to think through how you want to spend your time during retirement.

Episode 332: It's never too late to start saving for retirement! The Money Doctors will tell you how to get back on track.  You'll also hear what researchers have discovered about the correlation between money and happiness.

Episode 331: The Money Doctors go over an early retirement checklist ― find out if you are on track!  You'll also learn how to make ends meet if you find yourself out of a job or with reduced pay.

Episode 330: Hear some early indications that the economy is looking up. John and Steve also take a look at first quarter market earnings and give their thoughts on the future.

Episode 329: Learn why the stock market is moving higher even though millions are out of work.  John and Steve also talk through ways of dealing with the frustration that comes with canceled plans and celebrations.

Episode 328: Steve and John take a look at the coronavirus economy, and discuss how it may look in the short-term and in the more distant future. They'll also discuss the risks and rewards of taking advantage of some of the crazy COVID travel bargains we are beginning to see on the market.

Episode 327: Steve and John give an update on the economy and where it may be heading in the future. You'll also learn how to avoid the costly trap of recency bias!

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