Episode 391: Steve and John give detailed advice about how to become a 401(k) millionaire.  They’ll also reveal the truth about debt consolidation and how it really works. 

October 2, 2020

Money Lessons & Old 401(k)s

Episode 349: The Money Doctors discuss six very rewarding do's and don'ts of investing. They also weigh in on what you should do with your old 401(k), and yes, it's a big deal!

Episode 339: Changing jobs? The Money Doctors advise taking the time to evaluate your 401(k) options. You'll also hear six tips for taking care of your portfolio and finances during the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 282: Steve and John take a look at the SECURE Act which, if passed by the Senate, should help savers to significantly boost their retirement savings.  They also point out the dangers of trying to build your portfolio using the "latest and greatest" investment fads.

Episode 275: Steve and John help you to determine whether a Roth IRA or a pretax 401(k) is better for your particular situation. They also take a look at the $32 billion dietary supplement industry.

Episode 262: Hear about five types of investment accounts that can save you a bundle on taxes and help you reach your retirement goals. John and Steve also give you some creative ideas that can actually make saving fun!

Episode 250: Learn four simple steps that can set you on the path to a fat 401(k)! John and Steve also address some common misconceptions about Social Security and give tips for maximizing your benefits.

Episode 249: Concerned about the recent market correction? Get the facts from Steve and John. You'll also learn some additional tax-favored investment options you can take advantage of after maxing out your IRA's and 401(k)s for the year.

Episode 247: Hear ten common financial hazards that are almost sure to delay your road to retirement. You'll also learn how to make the most of your neighborhood dollar store!

Episode 239: Steve and John discuss Chris Hogan's new book, Everyday Millionaires. Also, hear what the president of USC, Harry Pastides, has to say about lowering your college costs.

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