April 1, 2022

Bonds & Living Trusts

Episode 427: John and Zach give a brief tutorial on bonds and explain how they can be effectively utilized in your portfolio.  They also help you determine whether a living trust makes sense for your estate plan.

Episode 183: Did you know that your car payment could be costing you a million dollars? On this week's episode, learn how you can put that million in your retirement account! Also, hear about seven retirement myths that can cost you a bundle!

Episode 177: Are your kids financially literate? Learn what they should know about money before they leave the nest. Also on this week's podcast, the Money Doctors will take a look at the long and short-term effects of rising interest rates on the markets. 

June 20, 2015


  • 9 Hotel Facts That Will Save You BIG!...
  • Are You a Smart Shopper?...
  • Is There a Bubble in Bonds?...
October 7, 2014


  • 5 Things Keeping Americans From Financial Freedom
  • Searching for Yield?  Be Careful!
  • America's Middle Class - Poorer Than You Think
July 21, 2014


According to experts, the average investor significantly underperforms the market.  Find out what mistakes to avoid on the first segment of MoneyMD. Then, deciding how much of your portfolio should be allocated to stocks versus bonds is only the first step toward good portfolio diversification. Tune in to MoneyMD to learn how to further refine your mix and aim for a higher return. And finally, New Jersey is one of many states that is bleeding money from its state pension plan because of a double-dipping loophole. Listen to the Money Doctors to hear their diagnosis of this widespread problem.  

July 15, 2014


On this episode: Join Steve and John on MoneyMD this week to learn about five financial goals to consider in your plans for 2014. Then, stocks had a banner year in 2013 and outperformed bonds by the largest margin in recent history. After that, John and Steve will take a look at some highlights from the bull market of 2013. Finally, could you be squandering your retirement without realizing it? On Saturday morning, John and Steve will discuss ten practices that can eat away at your retirement savings.  

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