Episode 434: John and Steve discuss the Federal Reserve’s ongoing strategy for fighting inflation and how that will likely affect both you and the markets.  They also look at historical stock market data and explain what that says about how we should react to today's markets.


Episode 426: Steve and Ryan discuss the economy and give their thoughts on the possibility of a recession.  They also explain how the Federal Reserve interest rate hikes may impact you and your family.

Episode 425: Steve and John give you some effective investing strategies based on the stock market's history during times of war. They also warn you about four factors that could jeopardize your dream retirement!

Episode 424: Matthew and Ryan help you think through the possible implications of leaving either equal or unequal inheritances to your kids.  You'll also hear three powerful investing tips for a down market!

Episode 423: John and Zach discuss how portfolio design can protect you during times of global upheaval. You'll also hear how the Money Doctors motivated their kids to be savers and how you can inspire yours!

Episode 418: Steve and Matthew discuss the current market correction and five ways you can use it to your advantage.  They also take a look at the impact that social media is having on investing.

Episode 417: Steve and John review market reactions to Federal Reserve interventions over the past three decades and give recommendations for your investments in 2022. They also warn you of the dangers of designating your estate as a beneficiary!

Episode 409: John and Ryan discuss the current labor shortage – their conclusions may surprise you!  You’ll also you’ll discover whether a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) could significantly lower your tax bill. 

Episode 384: On this week’s episode you’ll hear the details of the newly updated child tax credit and how it may affect your bottom line.  John and Matthew also tell the tale of the COVID-19 vaccine's astounding development journey.

Episode 368: The Money Doctors look into the implications of Elon Musk's jaw-dropping purchase of the volatile Bitcoin cryptocurrency. They also encourage couples to discuss retirement plans way before they think they actually need to.

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