Episode 408: John and Ryan discuss the current labor shortage – their conclusions may surprise you!  You’ll also you’ll discover whether a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) could significantly lower your tax bill. 

Episode 384: On this week’s episode you’ll hear the details of the newly updated child tax credit and how it may affect your bottom line.  John and Matthew also tell the tale of the COVID-19 vaccine's astounding development journey.

Episode 368: The Money Doctors look into the implications of Elon Musk's jaw-dropping purchase of the volatile Bitcoin cryptocurrency. They also encourage couples to discuss retirement plans way before they think they actually need to.

Episode 367: Steve and Matthew look into the recent run-up of GameStop stock and any future implications that may have for the stock market. They'll also suggest five money habits you can put in motion over time to set you on the road to better financial health.

January 8, 2021

Money Lessons from 2020

Episode 363: Steve and Ryan look back over 2020 and pull out six powerful investing lessons we can take away from a year full of the unimaginable. They also discuss life insurance and what it actually covers.

Episode 359: Steve and John hit the highlights of the recent $908 billion stimulus proposal. You'll also hear twelve ways to lower your stress during the holiday season.

Episode 358: John and Steve give an update on the COVID-19 vaccine approval and distribution progress. You'll also hear three clever gifting strategies for the charitably-minded investor.

Episode 356: The Money Doctors suggest strategic financial moves to consider in preparation for the end of the pandemic.  They also look at four sources of retirement income that you may want to explore.

November 13, 2020

Biden Taxes & SIMPLE IRAs

Episode 355: Steve and John summarize Joe Biden's tax proposal and discuss the implications.  They also discuss the basics of a SIMPLE IRA and whether it's a good investment option for your situation.

Episode 345: John and Steve highlight five skills you may want to acquire in order to thrive in the new COVID landscape. They also take a look at historical data to see how elections have impacted the stock market over time.

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