Episode 353: Steve and John give you some points to consider if you are suddenly faced with leaving your career sooner than planned.  They also take a look at twelve reasons why people don't make the changes necessary to get out of debt.

Episode 350: Learn what controls your financial decision-making and how to use that knowledge to your advantage. The Money Doctors also recommend a number of effective ways to pay for college without going into debt.

Episode 336: Learn how to boost your credit score with six simple habits. You'll also hear some ways to save money as you care for your four-legged friends.

Episode 314: Steve and John break down your yearly tax prep into four clear and practical strategies. They'll also give you the straight facts about debt consolidation loans and why they are such a terrible deal!

Episode 313: Hear some more myths from the Money Doctors ― this time the takeaways have the potential to make you millions! You'll also learn the basics of cryptocurrency.

Episode 312: The Money Doctors have a few fun vacation ideas for you that won't break the bank! They also break down the wealth-building process into seven simple steps. You can do it!

Episode 308: Steve and John discuss the results of a new study that gives insight into market returns after a banner year.  They also answer the question, “What happens to your debt after you’re gone?”

Episode 307: Steve and John discuss annuities.  Does anyone really understand these complicated investment vehicles?? You'll also learn about the various types of bankruptcies and what you can do to avoid them!

Episode 274: John and Steve give you some ideas for paying off debt that you may not have considered.  They also take a look into our nation's Social Security concerns.  Will it run out before you need it?

February 8, 2019

Senior Scams & Student Debt

Episode 263: Steve and John give you a heads up about some common scams that prey on the senior generation.  They also discuss the results of a national research study on the plight of America's student loan borrowers.

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