Episode 357: The Money Doctors address the many facets of managing a family member's finances.  You'll also hear five strategies that may lower your 2020 tax bill it's not too late!

February 21, 2020

Wills & Side Hustles

Episode 317: While updating a will is easy to put off, the consequences can be devastating. Steve and John tell you why. They also give you some great ideas for earning some extra cash this year.

Episode 308: Steve and John discuss the results of a new study that gives insight into market returns after a banner year.  They also answer the question, “What happens to your debt after you’re gone?”

September 6, 2019

IRA Traps & Investing Mistakes

Episode 293: Steve and John talk you through what needs to be done to make the most out of an inherited IRA. Just remember that some things can't be undone!  They also warn you about three big investing mistakes and give you some profitable alternatives.

Episode 261: Writing your own will can save you hundreds, but watch out ― Steve and John tell you about seven common mistakes that can wreak havoc for your heirs!  They also warn you about five money mistakes to avoid if you'd like to be rich one day.

Episode 235: Find out the best age for you to start taking your Social Security benefits.  It may surprise you! You'll also learn some great money saving strategies for shopping online.

Episode 234: You may not have to wait until your sixties to taste your retirement dreams.  Learn how to take a mini-retirement while you're young enough to enjoy it!  Also, when it comes to finances, find out how to open the lines of communication with your parents without closing down the relationship!

Episode 220: Ready or not — retirement is coming. Find out if you've checked off all the steps on the Money Doctor's list! They will also take a peek into the minds and methods of the ultra-rich to help set you on the path to your first million.

Episode 202: Make sure you stay away from these bad money decisions if you want to be able to look forward to your retirement. Also on this week's episode, learn creative ways to pass on your non-financial assets to your loved ones. 

Episode 191: While you could make a fortune picking individual stocks, learn what the odds are this week on MoneyMD. Also, learn how to avoid the pain of missed opportunities and lost IRA benefits by steering clear of some very common mistakes. 

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