Episode 432: The Money Doctors give you some warning signs to look for as you try to determine whether it's okay to retire yet. John and Steve also discuss some of the worries and complications of leaving your wealth to your heirs, as well as some planning tools that may help you minimize the risks.

April 1, 2022

Bonds & Living Trusts

Episode 427: John and Zach give a brief tutorial on bonds and explain how they can be effectively utilized in your portfolio.  They also help you determine whether a living trust makes sense for your estate plan.

Episode 424: Matthew and Ryan help you think through the possible implications of leaving either equal or unequal inheritances to your kids.  You'll also hear three powerful investing tips for a down market!

Episode 421: John and Matthew discuss seven steps to a financially happy marriage. They also give you the keys to a more satisfied life. Spoiler Alert: Wealth is often the result, not the cause!

Episode 417: Steve and John review market reactions to Federal Reserve interventions over the past three decades and give recommendations for your investments in 2022. They also warn you of the dangers of designating your estate as a beneficiary!

December 17, 2021

Car Buying & Estate Planning

Episode 412: Steve and John give seven tips on how to buy a car in this crazy, COVID market for a price you can live with.  They also clear up some estate planning confusion around the question, “Will it be in my estate?”

November 19, 2021

Early Retirement & Probate 101

Episode 408: This week you'll hear eight reasons why your future self may regret retiring early. Steve and Zach also explain the probate process and give you some simple to-dos that can save you a ton of time and headaches in the future!

Episode 398: The Money Doctors discuss the pros and cons of paying off your house versus investing in the stock market.  You’ll also learn the basic tools of estate planning and why it’s so important. 

Episode 397: On this episode you’ll hear new research from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) on investing for a successful retirement.  John and Steve also talk through ten important financial issues you and your spouse need to discuss before it’s too late. 

Episode 394: Ryan and Matthew discuss a number of strategies that can help you make the most of your charitable giving.  You’ll also learn how to avoid penalties and navigate the tax laws surrounding an inherited IRA.

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