Episode 428: John and Matthew discuss the financial decision-making process and how to decide when it's okay to let your personal preferences overrule the data.  They also describe the symptoms of lifestyle creep and prescribe some practical ways to protect your financial goals.

Episode 415: If you’re serious about upping your net worth, Steve and Ryan have the game plan for you!  They also coach you on ways to find less stress and more happiness as you deal with your finances. 

December 31, 2021

2022 Goals & Spending Problems

Episode 414: John and Matthew recommend six goals that you should work towards in 2022.  They also describe six signs of a spending problem and give ways to fix it! 

December 24, 2021

SMART Goals and Generosity

Episode 413: Steve and Zach teach you how to set goals you’ll actually achieve! They also explore the link between generosity and happiness. 

Episode 388: On this week’s episode you’ll learn from the unfortunate experiences of real people that made some very costly mistakes with their money.  Steve and Ryan also walk you through a mid-year to-do list that will help keep your financial goals on track.

Episode 376: Steve and Ryan break down the pros and cons of paying off your home early. You'll also hear about eight gifts that can teach your kids how to make smart financial decisions for a lifetime!

Episode 374:  While international travel is a little iffy these days, Steve and Matthew have some exciting vacation ideas that are a little closer to home.  You'll also hear how Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski broke the stereotype and saved his entire NFL salary for nine years!

Episode 368: The Money Doctors look into the implications of Elon Musk's jaw-dropping purchase of the volatile Bitcoin cryptocurrency. They also encourage couples to discuss retirement plans way before they think they actually need to.

Episode 362: John and Steve explain how to break down your financial goals and then actually make them happen.  And for those of you who find yourself in survival mode after the last nine crazy months, you'll also hear some practical ways to get back on track.

Episode 345: John and Steve highlight five skills you may want to acquire in order to thrive in the new COVID landscape. They also take a look at historical data to see how elections have impacted the stock market over time.

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