November 12, 2021

Happiness & Peaceful Holidays

Episode 406: Steve and Matthew give you some pointers about how to enjoy your money to the fullest. You’ll also hear some great ideas for holiday dinner conversations that will help you avoid many of the touchy topics so prevalent these days.  

Episode 405: John and Zach dig into the exorbitant cost of health care in the U.S.  They’ll also explain how to calculate the amount of savings you’ll need in retirement and why that number will most likely change over time. 

Episode 402: Is the inflation surge eating away at your retirement?  Steve and Zach discuss and give advice on how to protect your nest egg.   You’ll also learn how to successfully navigate three of life’s biggest transitions.

Episode 401: John and Matthew give you some great tips for working sporting events into your budget.  You’ll also hear nine items you may regret storing in a safe deposit box.  Some of them may surprise you!

September 24, 2021

Money Traps & Finance Lessons

Episode 400: John and Matthew discuss some very alluring money traps and how to avoid them! They also describe a lack of financial curriculum in our schools and weigh in on what should be taught. 

Episode 394: Ryan and Matthew discuss a number of strategies that can help you make the most of your charitable giving.  You’ll also learn how to avoid penalties and navigate the tax laws surrounding an inherited IRA.

August 6, 2021

The Pursuit of Happiness

Episode 393: John and Matthew dedicate this entire episode to a topic near and dear to everyone’s heart: The secrets to true happiness.

Episode 392:  Steve and Ryan go over important details about IRAs that will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize benefits. They also explain how you can potentially turn your car payments into a million dollars!

Episode 391: Steve and John give detailed advice about how to become a 401(k) millionaire.  They’ll also reveal the truth about debt consolidation and how it really works. 

Episode 390: The Money Doctors go over Dave Ramsey’s seven tried-and-true baby steps to financial stability. They also discuss five estate planning mistakes that can create major problems for your heirs, especially for a second marriage. 

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