Episode 434: John and Steve discuss the Federal Reserve’s ongoing strategy for fighting inflation and how that will likely affect both you and the markets.  They also look at historical stock market data and explain what that says about how we should react to today's markets.


Episode 426: Steve and Ryan discuss the economy and give their thoughts on the possibility of a recession.  They also explain how the Federal Reserve interest rate hikes may impact you and your family.

February 25, 2022

High Inflation & Home Buying

Episode 422: The Money Doctors prescribe nine effective ways to protect yourself from inflation. They also talk through some of the complications of buying a first home in today's markets.

February 4, 2022

Crazy Markets & Tax Mistakes

Episode 419: Ryan and John introduce you to the perspective of your “future self” as you consider your investing game plan.  They also warn you about five tax missteps that can take a big chunk out of your savings!

Episode 418: Steve and Matthew discuss the current market correction and five ways you can use it to your advantage.  They also take a look at the impact that social media is having on investing.

Episode 417: Steve and John review market reactions to Federal Reserve interventions over the past three decades and give recommendations for your investments in 2022. They also warn you of the dangers of designating your estate as a beneficiary!

Episode 276: Don't just let the bank soak up all the extra interest on your cash savings ― learn what types of accounts can actually earn you money! Also hear some pointers on how to determine whether a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Episode 249: Concerned about the recent market correction? Get the facts from Steve and John. You'll also learn some additional tax-favored investment options you can take advantage of after maxing out your IRA's and 401(k)s for the year.

Episode 218: Worried about an IRS audit? Have no fear — John and Steve will give you some practical pointers! They'll also weigh in on how the stock market is likely to react to President Trump's tough trade negotiations with China.

Episode 208: This week on MoneyMD, learn what tends to happen as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates - both the good and the bad. Also on this week's episode, John and Steve discuss the benefits of stretching out your working years, some of which may surprise you!

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