October 29, 2021

FOMO & Health Insurance

Episode 405: FOMO can be an expensive problem, but Steve and Ryan have the solution – don’t miss out! You’ll also learn about the different types of health insurance and how to pick the best policy for your family.

Episode 404: John and Matthew explain two tax-free savings opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  They also take a look at both Ponzi and pyramid schemes, and they explain how to recognize the warning signs.  

Episode 403: Attention retirees!  You don’t want to miss out on all the goodies in this episode – tax breaks galore!  The Money Doctors also look back at the stock market in 2007 to see what we can learn about bull and bear markets.

Episode 402: Is the inflation surge eating away at your retirement?  Steve and Zach discuss and give advice on how to protect your nest egg.   You’ll also learn how to successfully navigate three of life’s biggest transitions.

Episode 397: On this episode you’ll hear new research from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) on investing for a successful retirement.  John and Steve also talk through ten important financial issues you and your spouse need to discuss before it’s too late. 

Episode 396: The Money Doctors delve into some little-known features of the Health Savings Account.  It’s not just a fancy flex spending account!  You’ll also learn about the pay and benefits you can plan on after completing your military service.

Episode 392:  Steve and Ryan go over important details about IRAs that will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize benefits. They also explain how you can potentially turn your car payments into a million dollars!

Episode 389:  Hear four ideas that can teach your kids about money while staving off summer boredom. You’ll also learn about inflation and how to combat it while you still have time.  

Episode 388: On this week’s episode you’ll learn from the unfortunate experiences of real people that made some very costly mistakes with their money.  Steve and Ryan also walk you through a mid-year to-do list that will help keep your financial goals on track.

Episode 386: Steve and John help you think through the hidden costs of selling your house – they may surprise you!  You’ll also learn the causes and effects of inflation, and whether you need to make any changes to prepare for the future. 

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