Episode 356: The Money Doctors suggest strategic financial moves to consider in preparation for the end of the pandemic.  They also look at four sources of retirement income that you may want to explore.

Episode 353: Steve and John give you some points to consider if you are suddenly faced with leaving your career sooner than planned.  They also take a look at twelve reasons why people don't make the changes necessary to get out of debt.

September 11, 2020

Retirement Tips & More Tips

Episode 346: Steve and John discuss ten powerful ways to make sure you are financially ready for retirement. They also talk through the financial implications of working part-time during your retirement.

Episode 343: John and Steve describe nine strategies that may significantly lower your taxes throughout your retirement.  They also give a refresher on diversification and explain how you can put it to work on your investments.

Episode 333: Steve and John talk you through some techniques that can minimize taxes in retirement. They'll also help you to think through how you want to spend your time during retirement.

Episode 332: It's never too late to start saving for retirement! The Money Doctors will tell you how to get back on track.  You'll also hear what researchers have discovered about the correlation between money and happiness.

Episode 331: The Money Doctors go over an early retirement checklist ― find out if you are on track!  You'll also learn how to make ends meet if you find yourself out of a job or with reduced pay.

Episode 325: Steve and John address the issues involved in restarting the economy and discuss what that may look like.  They also take a look at how the coronavirus may change the trajectory of your plans for retirement.

February 28, 2020

The Coronavirus & Your Savings

Episode 218: Steve and John take a few minutes to give you an update on the coronavirus.  They also explain how to estimate how much money you will need to enjoy your retirement, and warn you about seven expensive assumptions that can sabotage your savings goals!

Episode 309: The Money Doctors take a walk through the last decade of the stock market. They also discuss some key provisions of the recently signed SECURE Act. 

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