Episode 433: Ryan and Zach discuss mistakes people make during down markets and the severe consequences that can result from them. They also talk through the components of a solid retirement plan.

Episode 432: The Money Doctors give you some warning signs to look for as you try to determine whether it's okay to retire yet. John and Steve also discuss some of the worries and complications of leaving your wealth to your heirs, as well as some planning tools that may help you minimize the risks.

Episode 431: Steve and Matthew coach you on how to protect your marriage as you go through the major life changes that come with retirement. They also share the secret to owning a car without having to make payments!

Episode 430: The Money Doctors address a surprisingly common problem in retirement – the fear of spending. They also explain how cryptocurrency works and weigh in on its investment potential.

Episode 429: Steve and Ryan share surprising findings from a study of "happy" and "not so happy" retirees.  Spoiler Alert: It's not all about money!  Also, if you're considering  stepping out of the market, the Money Doctors weigh in on a study comparing market timing to a balanced approach.

Episode 425: Steve and John give you some effective investing strategies based on the stock market's history during times of war. They also warn you about four factors that could jeopardize your dream retirement!

Episode 420: Steve and Zach coach you on how to take full advantage of the tax benefits available to you in your retirement accounts. They also give you six reasons why you may want to consider filing your taxes early this year.

Episode 416: Worried about spending too much in retirement?  The Money Doctors may have some encouragement for you!  John and Zach also discuss some helpful tax benefits for caregivers of those who have special needs. 

November 19, 2021

Early Retirement & Probate 101

Episode 408: This week you'll hear eight reasons why your future self may regret retiring early. Steve and Zach also explain the probate process and give you some simple to-dos that can save you a ton of time and headaches in the future!

Episode 406: John and Zach dig into the exorbitant cost of health care in the U.S.  They’ll also explain how to calculate the amount of savings you’ll need in retirement and why that number will most likely change over time. 

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