Episode 428: John and Matthew discuss the financial decision-making process and how to decide when it's okay to let your personal preferences overrule the data.  They also describe the symptoms of lifestyle creep and prescribe some practical ways to protect your financial goals.

Episode 423: John and Zach discuss how portfolio design can protect you during times of global upheaval. You'll also hear how the Money Doctors motivated their kids to be savers and how you can inspire yours!

Episode 421: John and Matthew discuss seven steps to a financially happy marriage. They also give you the keys to a more satisfied life. Spoiler Alert: Wealth is often the result, not the cause!

Episode 416: Worried about spending too much in retirement?  The Money Doctors may have some encouragement for you!  John and Zach also discuss some helpful tax benefits for caregivers of those who have special needs. 

Episode 415: If you’re serious about upping your net worth, Steve and Ryan have the game plan for you!  They also coach you on ways to find less stress and more happiness as you deal with your finances. 

December 31, 2021

2022 Goals & Spending Problems

Episode 414: John and Matthew recommend six goals that you should work towards in 2022.  They also describe six signs of a spending problem and give ways to fix it! 

Episode 406: John and Zach dig into the exorbitant cost of health care in the U.S.  They’ll also explain how to calculate the amount of savings you’ll need in retirement and why that number will most likely change over time. 

Episode 404: John and Matthew explain two tax-free savings opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  They also take a look at both Ponzi and pyramid schemes, and they explain how to recognize the warning signs.  

Episode 401: John and Matthew give you some great tips for working sporting events into your budget.  You’ll also hear nine items you may regret storing in a safe deposit box.  Some of them may surprise you!

September 24, 2021

Money Traps & Finance Lessons

Episode 400: John and Matthew discuss some very alluring money traps and how to avoid them! They also describe a lack of financial curriculum in our schools and weigh in on what should be taught. 

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