Episode 403: Attention retirees!  You don’t want to miss out on all the goodies in this episode – tax breaks galore!  The Money Doctors also look back at the stock market in 2007 to see what we can learn about bull and bear markets.

Episode 402: Is the inflation surge eating away at your retirement?  Steve and Zach discuss and give advice on how to protect your nest egg.   You’ll also learn how to successfully navigate three of life’s biggest transitions.

Episode 398: The Money Doctors discuss the pros and cons of paying off your house versus investing in the stock market.  You’ll also learn the basic tools of estate planning and why it’s so important. 

Episode 386: Steve and John help you think through the hidden costs of selling your house – they may surprise you!  You’ll also learn the causes and effects of inflation, and whether you need to make any changes to prepare for the future. 

Episode 385: Steve and John discuss steps you can take now to make sure someone could successfully step in and manage your financial affairs if the unexpected happens.   They will also give you some insight into international stock trends you may want to consider as you plan your portfolio. 

Episode 382: Have you ever considered moving to a different state to lower your taxes? John and Steve give you some food for thought before you make that final decision. They also take a look at the performance of individual stocks over the last decade to see how many of them actually beat fixed income investments.  

Episode 377: The Money Doctors warn you about six retirement killers and give advice on how to dodge the bullets.  They also examine world markets and give you some strong reasons to take a second look at international stocks.

Episode 375: Hear a list of what-not-do's that can destroy your finances in a hurry ― some of these will probably take you by surprise! You'll also hear the impressive results of a recent Bank of America study based on 90 years of stock market data.

Episode 373: Will you be donating more to Uncle Sam in the near future? The Money Doctors examine some of the current administration's plans.  You'll also hear the history of previous stock market crashes and advice about how to set yourself up for success in the future.

Episode 372: The Money Doctors coach you on how to manage your adjusted gross income to avoid paying unexpected Social Security taxes and Medicare premiums. They also discuss one Morningstar analyst's reaction to the wild COVID roller coaster ride of the past year. Spoiler alert: He was totally blindsided!

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